Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Life is not a support system for art. It is the other way around."
Stephen King

Homer, Alaska~
More than 100 fishing boats, sail boats, skiffs and kayaks took to the waters of Homer Alaska today as commercial fishermen, mariners and others from coastal communities spelled out an urgent message to protect jobs and fisheries from the threat of ocean acidification. The boats arranged themselves in the ocean to spell out “Acid Ocean SOS” as part of a ‘Voices for the Ocean’ event hosted by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) with International Aerial Artist John Quigley (www.SpectralQ.com).

**Compelling Video and Photos Available (no charge)**Great Visuals**
(Shot with Cineflex, Gyroscopic Helicam by Emmy Award-Winning Videographer Daniel Zatz)
**High Resolution Still Photos at: www. http://humanvoicesnow.blogspot.

Not a typical Labor Day here in Homer, Alaska. After a miraculous effort of organizing by visionary heroes including fisherman/activist Alan Parks, Homer & art facilitator/activist John Quigley, Los Angeles.

The grand, impressive idea was to write words on the water...with 100's of fishing boats, skiffs & kayaks, on a picture perfect sunny September day.

I was aboard the lead boat in a lineup that was to write an "S". At the wheel was grinning Capt. Mike Swan on the FV Beausoleil (beautiful sun). The fog bank that came rolling in at record speed added a surreal quality to the ambiance on the water, and prevented the helicopter overhead from filming the action so we continued to retrace our S's, 7 times, while everyone in the "O" chanted "blue sky, blue sky".

Then it happened, there was a blue hole in the fog just big enough to successfully capture the image of "SOS" with "Acid Ocean" spelled out in the center of the "O" by heroic kayakers who held position by paddled their butts off for over an hour. It was epic.

This action of community interactive impermanent art will send our message to decision makers world wide to rise to the challenge of ocean acidification, and protect wild Alaska by whatever means necessary to reduce carbon emissions into our fragile atmosphere.

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