Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homer Burning Basket '09

"Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity."
Richard Peterson

As long lines of migrating Sandhill cranes fly overhead, fade & disappear they signal the approaching autumn equinox, and once again a band of beautiful & energetic people of all ages gather at the beach in Homer, Alaska, with armloads of alder, tied bundles of grass & nettles, and determination to have fun in the rain or shine creating a large & lovely sculpture of an intricately woven basket.

Homer's 6th annual Burning Basket Project begins tomorrow, Sept 13, with an organizational meeting at 3pm, BBasket HQ, Mariner Park, Homer Spit, Alaska, with basket & labyrinth creation starting on Mon-Sat, 14-19th, 12-5 each day. Participate as much or as little as you like.

On Sunday 20th, the basket "Sustain" and circular walking path "Trilogy Labyrinth", are given as a gift to the community. All are invited to come and be part of the collaborations.

At sundown, after a potluck and short artist talk, the torches will be lit, the basket will burn, releasing all of our heartfelt inclusions.

If it should happen like last year, there will a fabulous performance of drumming and fire spinning following.

This will be number 16 in a series of burning basket enactments that I have facilitated in different communities in Alaska, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and on the New Mexico/Mexico border. View slide shows and learn more about Burning Basket Project of community interactive impermanent art,

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